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“It’s fitting that she has a lifelong adoration of ‘The Wizard of Oz,’ the story of a young girl who opens a door and finds her new world awash in brilliant hues. For Porter, a freshly colored world is worth recreating (and embellishing) on canvas.”  - - Natasha S. Johnson - -  Natchitoches Times

ML Porter Fine Art

    Mary Louise Porter is a contemporary landscape painter. Her work represents a journey of memories and images drawn from landscapes seen in her travels as well as experienced in the American South where she was born and raised. Each work of art captures the emotion and beauty of the location expressed in her unique, interpretive style. Her colors used in paintings are intense, bold, and sometimes complex to demonstrate the energy visualized in the final outcome. Porter says, “Color is energy. It affects people. There is a lot of thought that gets put into color.” This is especially true of Porter’s use of color and light in her own artwork. Her canvases are sometimes layered with mixed media and cut canvas to create texture and pattern throughout the landscape. Porter received a BFA and MFA in Painting from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. She serves as a Louisiana Roster Artist. Her work is included in a number of galleries and other public and private collections.

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