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ML Porter Fine Art

     “Evolving Corners” are creative contemporary landscape collages on three-dimensional wooden boxes on which Porter has painted realistic and abstract images. These images reflect her Louisiana legacy with allegorical figures and landscapes which often tell stories through their imagery. The mixed media collages boxes are a combination of handmade paper, paint and found objects to create imaginative and sometimes whimsical images that  the viewer can enjoy.  Porter deliberately made the pieces accessible  so the viewer can move around them, turn them and sometimes peer inside of them.  Porter says, “They are not framed art: but an evolving reflection that involves both artist and viewer.”

“Artist Mary Louise Porter feeds off her own creativity…. Her imagination shapes the products that nourish her soul.  Porter describes the process as,“ a voyage of discovery. I allow myself to have no boundaries …which art is really about: that creative spirit.”                   - - Natasha S. Johnson - -   Natchitoches Times